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  1. Elizabeth Hoffmann January 29, 2012

    Dear Jen,
    Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU again for allowing us to attend the Kieffer workshop and for showing Debbie & I around the art department. I absolutely LOVE your work (or fun) and am so IMPRESSED. Great JOB!

    Please keep me posted on your shows and please e-mail me with any future workshops you think might help me in my quest for becoming a REAL potter.

    Thanks again and PLEASE thank all of the CASA folks for me.

    Sincerely, Elizabeth “Libby” Hoffmann, Slidell, LA (the heavenly hash lady)….

  2. admin January 30, 2012

    Libby–no problem! It was fun showing you around, and having you at the workshop. Thank you so much for supporting CASA and we will keep you posted on upcoming workshops. Are you on the mailing list? If not, you can email me at and Ill add you to the list!

    Thanks again!

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